Move your Prana. Embrace the vis.

This six-week series is meant as a practical guide to learning about, understanding, and cultivating skills to care for yourself. Each class will offer a variety of techniques (asana/poses, pranayama/breathing, meditation) and the support to practice with a community of others dealing with anxiety. No yoga experience necessary.

Supporter: $60   Sustainer: $50   Community: $40

Monday, January 14 at 5:45pm - 7:00pm, continues through Monday, February 18



"I am so grateful I took Dr. Kerr's anxiety workshop. She was so helpful in giving a balanced and broad perspective on anxiety. I have many more tools in my toolbox on how to deal with anxiety. I love that she is a naturopath and a yoga teacher - such a balanced perspective that is backed by true experience and knowledge. I plan to take more workshops from Dr. Kerr. She is a gentle, loving teacher." - SR